Content modeling

What is content modeling?

Content modeling is the process of creating a content model. The content model itself is used to craft amazing content experiences. To craft articles, call to actions, landing pages, maybe even pdfs. Content modeling aims to create a content model, which is a framework for your content to make sure it’s highly reusable, presentation independent, […]


Tidbit – On following rules

Break grammar rules – if that brings more value to your readers. Language, writing… – are for controlling the reader’s reading process. Who is going to fine you? 💰 Noone. Who is going to punish you for no-value content? Your readers. Your audience. Your customers. #writing #audience #value 2min segment below: LEADERSHIP LAB: Writing Beyond […]


Why the orchestration engine business model is ripe for AI innovation

Orchestration is thought of as an evolution of workflows. Workflows are historically designed to mimic single-threaded, synchronous, processes. Orchestration introduces different self-contained workers that don’t block the orchestration engine – the brain. A simple analogy could be an ant colony. Individual workers are coordinated through an orchestration brain – the queen. They fulfill the task […]